Sunday, August 08, 2010

A branding problem, and my solution

After reviewing a comment on one of my previous posts about branding it has come to my attention that I am a victim of my own poor PR. I have been wondering for a good while why I don't have more followers or readers and I think I may have come up with at least part of the solution.

The name of my blog.

Being branded as DinoJim's whatever indicates to people that I might be a paleo blog. But I never meant my blog to be as such so I rarely if ever posted on paleontology. So when people came by they either were not interested in paleo so they kept on going, or they were interested in paleo, saw I wasn't writing about paleo, and kept on going. So I have decided to re-brand myself and see how this turns out. I also hope to get some guest bloggers coming in and making posts over time since I want this to become a alternative geoscience education hub.

So from now on this blog will be known as

"The Geology P.A.G.E: Presenting Alternatives in Geoscience Education"

I will still be known as DinoJim, and my website will remain since that is how I refer to myself, but hopefully this will get my blog across to maybe not a larger audience but at least the correct audience. I also hope to get more comments on my posts as well, especially the posts where I request comments. I have seen some blogs where they will get 40-50 comments on almost every post, whereas I will get maybe 1.

So all in all, I hope to give more, and in response I hope to get more in the future. Please let me know what you think below in the comments section.