Thursday, November 01, 2012

GSA Geoblogger/Twitterer (GeoTweep) Get-together

I just wanted to pass the word around that there will be a Geoblogger and GeoTweep (GeoTwitter?/Geotweeter?) get together (social) during GSA at the RiRa Irish Pub, strting at 7:00 PM Sunday 11/4/12.

Know geologists, the social will last for a few hours (at least) so feel free to come by whenever you want.

So come get ready to eat, drink, and discuss geology with your fellow digital publishers.


RiRa Irish Pub:

208 North Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28202

 You can get a list of all of the blog posts or Twitterers at the GSA Meeting Media Center page:


  1. Not GeoTwit - the correct form is Geotweep.

  2. Ah, I would not have guessed that one. Updated.


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