Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Geology of the National Parks in Pictures - Glen Canyon

A while ago I had a series of blog posts picturing the geology of the National Parks through my travels. That has fallen by the wayside recently so I have some backlog to get through. Here is the first of getting through that backlog. I apologize for some of the fuzziness. This was when I was using a camera that was slowly dieing and the very right edges of a lot of the photos turned out fuzzy.

Driving into the main canyon from the south.

Canoeing around the lake we found this little island to let the dogs run around on.

 Another piece of the island.

 Some views from our canoe.

 We stopped to climb among the rocks with the dogs.

Views from our lunch stop.

Views from the canoe.

 Our Campsite.

 View of the lake from our campsite.

You can see the rest of the National Park Pictures at my website.

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