Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Book Lists

Now I have actually received comments of the book list and I anticipated that this would be the most interesting of topic since people often want to know how many of these books they read. Nothing to do with improving themselves but hey, whatever. Anyway as I said before I am currently trying to read the 100 greatest books ever written. Now this came as a problem to me when I decided this because who is to say that one book is better than another and who is to say which 100 are the greatest EVER. That's a big order to fill. So I went surfing around the internet and I found 4 lists of 100 greatest books. After combining all the lists and removing duplicate entries there are about 300 books that I am trying to read. But not all of them are books, they vary greatly from novels to plays to scientific and intellectual writings.
So here I will give an overview of the book lists and I have an excel file with all of the book lists listed and the duplicates removed so if anyone wants it make a comment and I'll send it to you. I will also try to post it but being that I am new at this I do not know if that will happen.

The first list is the main list that I have been working on primarily. It is found at Sybervision and is what I feel a good assortment of books through time. It starts with Homer and ends with more recent books but also includes plays and intellectual papers like Walden. I have read 33 books from this list.

The next list is more of a fun list. It is found at BBC Book List and consists mostly of fan favorites. This is a good book list to do when reading Dante is not your style because it has 4 Harry Potter books and The Lord of the Rings. I read this as a mental break. I have read 15 books from this list.

The third list I have not started nor do I look at much since anything not on the other lists that I am reading from seems kind of abstract, or I have not heard of them and I haven't looked for the titles yet. The list is the Norwegian Bookclub list and is generated by 100 noted authors from 54 countries. Again the writings could be fantastic but I have not really read much from it. I have read 13 books from this list (mostly copies from the Sybervision list).

The last list is another list that I have not looked much into mostly because it appears to be a personal list from a guy who thinks too much of himself. The list is from the Observer and again it seems that some of the books seem kind of obscure. And I have read 10 books from this list (again mostly copies).

So again I will try to post the excel file, if not just write me and I will send it to you. I will also make a more detailed description of each of the books as I read them telling people which are good books to read and why and which are probably not.

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