Sunday, September 04, 2005

Overview of myself

Since people might actually read this blog sometime and not know who I am I figured I should give a description of myself and my life in general. I am currently 24 and I live with my Fiancee, Veronica who is 23. We just bought a house about 3 1/2 months ago and now live in Cheektowaga NY, which is a suburb of Buffalo. That is the short version of where I am at now. To find out more continue reading.

So now into my life history. I grew up on Long Island in Holbrook NY. I went to Sachem High School which at one time was the second largest high school in the country. To show you how big it really is my sister graduated with 1,500 people. I have two older sisters, one that is 4 years older, Kerry and one that is 8 years older, Erin. Erin is married to a nice guy named Dave and she lives in Port Jeff Station on Long Island. Kerry has a daughter Claudia who is 8 who is the sweetest and shyest little girl. I acted as a sort of father figure to Claudia as she was growing up since her father left never to be seen again. I graduated from high school with 1,115 people of which I graduated #99. It should have been better but thats what happens when you almost fail french.

Then after that I went to SUNY Geneseo where I majored in Geology. I love dinosaurs so I figured that geology would be the best course of action. Through college I really got interested and now any aspect of geology is interesting to me. I also picked up two minors, mathematics and biology because biology will help with my paleontology and math will set me apart. Also my father was a math teacher and math came naturally to me. I was also a duel art major for a brief stint but I would have to take 24 credits my second semester senior year and after one semester of it I couldn't do it again.

Well freshman year at Geneseo was fun. I found a couple of real good friends who would go out drinking with me every weekend. One in particular is John Cooley who is gonna be my best man. Sophmore year John lived next door to a cute little thing named Veronica. And thats how we met and we have been pretty much inseperable since. After college I went to Texas Tech for 2 years to get my Masters in Geology where I worked with Sankar Chatterjee. And now here I am. Currently unable to find a job in geology in Buffalo I am doing collections for the time being. We plan on living here for 3 years while Veronica is showing off her mental intellect in medical school at UB.


  1. Hey I grew up in Buffalo...the job market sucks, so don't get down on yourself about not find a job in your field. Good luck to you and your fiancee!


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