Sunday, January 29, 2006

King Kong

First off AWSOME movie. Now for the paleontologist side of me. -

Now with the added 65 million years of evolution all the dinos on Skull Island are slightly demented from their typcal selves and the raptors have really bad teeth.

Also I can see why dinos went extinct and mammals thrive. We have King King on our side. Yea, 3 T-Rexs versus 1 King Kong, and who comes out on top, thats right, the monkey. Go Evolution!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Life Update

The update for those loyal readers of mine. Wherever you may be.

It is currently snowing. Now living in Buffalo that is unremarkable in itself but the temperature has been so erratic here its hard to tell what might happen next. One day its 55 the nests its 27.

And on the other end. We have work. Its still work. I'm still collecting from people who don't have enough money to eat or at least say so.

The Wedding is going well. Veronica and I are wrapping up all the loose ends that we can and getting everything done.

The house is currently in its usual state of disarray. The bathroom has been the next room on the list of "will be destroyed". Currently my office is done and the laundry room is done. Before that was the Hallway, to replace the gaping hole I put in the doorframe to move our boxspring upstairs. Before that was the bedroom. And that is the update on the house.

The financial situation is different. Currently trying to refinance the house to pay back the "fin-laws" (Future in-laws). Note to all those out there, First Horizon is horrible. We used them off of lending and they took 2 months to start asking me the same questions again. So we changed to First Niagara which is a local bank and the lady we are working with is great. I didn't know anyone could work so hard to get this done easily.

That is all for now. Until next time when life is more interesting.