Monday, February 27, 2006


The Olympics are the only sporting event that I look forward to. I watch them religiously and as many events as I can get in. This years Olympics were interesting in that it was completely unpredictable. More countries won medals this year than in an any Olympics previously. People got medals that no one predicted and it was really great to watch.

Now onto my problem with the American media and the athletes. The American media has a tendency to over emphasis certain athletes and completely forget about everyone else. Now I don't find too much of a problem with this if the athletes can perform up to the hype. Which they almost never do. Historically this has happened before and I know it will happen again.

Prime example I always think of is the "Dan vs Dave" commercials from Barcelona in 1992 for the decathlon. Dan did not even qualify for the Olympics.
There are others but they elude me right now.

This years we have several. Bodie Miller, Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen, Apollo Anton Ohno, and others. Now Bodie Miller is the biggest disappointment. He raced in 5 races. 3 he was either DQed of did not even finish. The other 2 he came in 5th and 6th. Not so great for the greatest skier in the world. Michelle Kwan: did not even compete. Sasha Cohen, now don't take me wrong but she should not have gotten silver with her two falls. I think the rest of the program was phenominal but with the falls I think that Slutskaya should have gotten the silver. Apollo, now he did good this year, I more think of in the last Olympics where he was really hyped up and he did not do as well.

So my advise for the media, either treat everyone equal and perhaps we will do better or keep hyping people up and leaving Americans feeling like they have been let down. Now we could have done exactly the same and it would not have been as bad if our Olympic "heroes" had not failed.

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