Saturday, April 29, 2006


One of the best political commentary shows on television currently is definitely the Colbert Report as I know many of my friends know. Well I hope all Colbert Report fans saw the White House Correspondents Dinner. For someone who appears to not like Bush on his show, its a wonder they wanted him to speak at the event. Most of the jokes were at the administrations expense and it was obvious Bush did not like all of the commentary but it was definitely humorous for the Democrats, like myself.

The best geological comment, and yes there was one, was when Colbert was comparing talking to Rev. Jessie Jackson like boxing a glacier. He then commented that we should not take the joke for granted because our kids will not know what a glacier is.

Ok it was funnier on TV.

Exploding Cows

There is an urban legend of a farmer who one day decided to ignite his cows' gaseous anal expulsions. Unfortunately, according to this urban legend, one of his cows produced such a high quantity of methane that the flame shot back up into the cow and caused it to explode. The farmer, as a result of this, was killed when a flying femur bone hit his head at over 80mph.

This was found on while search for exploding cows because of something we heard on the History Channel

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Honeymoon pictures

View from our room

Us hanging out in the pool after a romantic dinner

View of the sample bar at the Bacardi factory, that's right any samples we wanted. They did let us take pictures of the factory itself because it could blow up the factory (right)

After collecting some samples for the Texas geologist

Honeymoon recap

Ok I know I have been negligent lately but I am going to catch up slowly. First off is the honeymoon. It was fantastic. I highly recommend going to an all inclusive. We went down to a Sandals in Nassau, Bahama. The food was all terrific, even if we did get sick one night. Drinks were all top shelf (helps when there is a Bacardi factory on the island). And the rooms were super comfortable. Lets start this off in order. We arrived on Saturday and were extremely confused at first. Just leaving the airport was an experiment in cross cultures. They had random signs around with conveyor belts and people and we did not know whether to talk to them or keep walking. Then check in was just confusing because they held onto our bags and our room wasn't ready. But eventually everything turned out wonderful.

Over all our days consisted of trying each of the 8 different restaurants, laying in the sun, swimming in the pool, relaxing in the numerous hottubs, reading my book and drinking. We met a couple of super nice people the first night there at the Japanese restaurant. Dan and Julie are from Wisconsin and we spent most of the week drinking with them and Joe and Nicole are from Chicago and were around our age.

The first day after we met Dan and Julie we saw them while we were relaxing around the pool when we start hanging out. Eventually Dan walks to the bar and comes back with 4 plastic cups and a cup full of what looked like a Corona. Well after one sniff I could tell I was not going to like this. So it eventually ended up where we had about 7 shots of tequila before the afternoon was over.

One day we went shopping in downtown Nassau which is where all the cruise ships stop. We bartered and we spent lots of money but it was cool, we got lots of cool stuff, like pearls for my newlywed.

So the one downside to the trip started Wednesday morning when we got breakfast in bed. After we ate I started to have an upset stomach, then suddenly it turned to excrutiating pain (37 on 10 point scale as I explained it). I eventually got taken to the hospital where we spent the day. It seemed like I had some sort of liver problem so no more drinking for Jimmy :-(.

And now to the really sad no drinking part, we then went to the Bacardi factory the next day. That was really cool, they had one storage room where all the rum was aged that they said you can get drunk just walking into. I walked in anyway. :-). After that we ended up going home, but all in all we want to go to Saint Lucia next.