Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bring Pluto Back!!!!

The IAU (International Astronomical Union) has officially demoted Pluto to a new class of DWARF planets. This means that under the classical definition of planet ratified at the meeting there are only 8 classical planets. (Taken from Steve's blog)

I am at odds about this. I say we start a petition to bring Pluto back. Anyone with me, comment on this blog and we will get this overruled. Come on people Pluto was not just any planet for most of you. It was your inner rouge.

This is not the usual planet, like Mars or Jupiter, that could go in any old elliptical orbit like all the others, but this was an eccentric planet. Willing to take risks. To think outside the box. To become the 8th planet at times and not always the 9th. What other planet can boast that. NONE I tell you, none. What planet could live in the realm of gaseous planets and still not be considered one of them, none other than our beloved Pluto. And now they go and try to take that away from us.

From this moment on I am in strike of the planetary system set up by the world. Strike I tell you. STRIKE!!!!

Article Here

And note, what the hell does this mean - "has not cleared the neighborhood around its orbit, and is not a satellite." That is the definition of a dwarf planet. Ok does that mean nothing orbiting the object like a Moon? hmmm, they are right I can't think of any "real" planets with those.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Finally an update

Ok, I know there has been no updates in the last 1.5 months or so. And I am sorry to all my avid readers (Mom) but here is what is going on in my life. I continue to work on my website which I will make a post specifically for that. I am working on my hovercraft which again will get its own post and I go to work, which also I have a whole posts worth of stuff to talk about there.

Nothing else really going on. Veronica (the wife) just started actually doing 3rd year rotations and she is gone for most of the day and night. We just celebrated out 6 month anniversary and decided we were going to eat our cake then instead on the 1 year mark because we heard bad things about that. It was actually pretty good. And lastly we have decided we need to be on a major budget so we each con only spend $50/mo on personal things. This means no Star Wars comics for me, no parts to the hovercraft, not much of anything. So I will be working on how to budget that money.