Tuesday, September 12, 2006

US Quirkiest Attractions

My mom sent me a list of the US Quirkiest Attractions she found in a magazine. So since I love this sort of stuff I am going to list them here. The list was created by the Society of American Travel Writers.

1. Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX (Heard of it but never visited)

2. Dinosaur World, Plant City, FL

3. Jell-O Museum and Gallery, LeRoy, NY (Its nearby and the wife won't let me go :-()

4. KFC Museum, Corbin, KY

5. Leila's Hair Museum, Independence MO

6. Mystery Spot, St. Ignace, MI

7. Wall Drug, Wall SD (A must for anyone in the area and the only thing I've been to on the list)

8. World's largest roadrunner statue, Fort Stockton, TX

9. World's largest truck stop, Walcott, IA

10. World's tallest thermometer, Baker, CA

Well would I visit most of them, of course. Well maybe except #5.