Saturday, November 11, 2006

Blizzard of 06'

That's right, maybe a month too late but here is my recap of the blizzard of 06'. Declared a National Disaster by FEMA and commented on many to be worse then Katrina. OK, don't get me wrong. I am not stating this was worse than Katrina, or even close. But it was pretty bad. We lost power for a week and some didn't get power for at least a week and a half. Our internet service and cable took a little longer to come back.

Here are some pictures:

Actually during the storm. Hard to take pictures at night in a snow storm.

The Cars under the snow, at least 2 feet fell that night.

Our backyard, the morning after. The reason that most of the region lost power was due to the wet heavy snow taking down the branches on the power lines. You can see the branches ripped out, broken and laying in the snow drifts. The table was tipped over the prevent it breaking.

Yup, no power means no microwave, no oven, no heat, no lights. Only candles, hot water (thank you gas) and a stove (again, thank you gas). So after deciding we needed to get rid of all our food and quick it became hot dog night on the grill.

Check out some more pictures on Veronica's site.

Bad/ Good movies

So what makes a good or a bad movie? Is a movie that everyone applauds as being good, good? Or is it your personal preference. This is why I like reading the personal reviews of people on Yahoo movies. But unlike most people I list the reviews with the worst first just to see what kind of comments people can come up with.
Now if you have looked at comments from movies you will have noticed that typically the comments that praise a movie or at least critique it reasonably are rather eloquent and thought out, while the comments that are negative are just ignorant at best. Having watched a lot of movies I have come to realize that almost all movies have their own degree of goodness in each of them (well maybe not Drop Dead Fred but that's just my own opinion). To prove my point I will look at a couple of comments that gave failing grades from a movie that was recently lauded by the critics - Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King

"Ive read the books and was looking to see the movies and when i did i was dissapointed. The books made LOTRn a huge hit but ruined Tolikens idea of a good story."


"it carried on for way to long and sucked butt all the way through the movie shoulve never came out"

Good argument, maybe punctuation.

"all the hype and nothing to back it up. making a big deal out of nothing. bleah bleah bleah bleah k"

Very intelligent

"They should have called it the gay hobbit love story they cry and hug every five minutes. It probably would have been an A if there wasn't the hobits in it."

Much better

"What the hell is wrong with Peter Jackson? he still in middle earth?...i think he has gone nuts...why does he want us to sleep in the movie hall for 3.5hrs?....The return of the king...didnt make sense at was simply stupid with those bloddy short hobbits and that bloddy old murderer. The best part is spite of so much violence in the movie...thousands and thousands of livin' organisms couldnt spot blood!..such an unrealestic(fantasy) movie..should not be allowed to be screened...disgrace...the movie is full of blunders...especially, when peter jackson tries to get some emotion in the movie by making that godforsaken sharp nosed ugly hobbit sing! damn...i was laughing and criticising throughout the movie!"

Yes, you were "criticising" through a movie you were sleeping through.

"crap crap crap... all crap. I can't believe how crappy this crap was. These crappy actors and directors should return our money and stop wasting our time on this crap."

A very expansive vocabulary, obviously.


Ok, I know I am only picking some of the worst ones but you get the point. If you are going to trash a movie, either actually pick elements out of the movie that make it bad or just shut your trap. Most movies are actually good if you understand the reason they were made, you just have to look at it that way.