Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Housework - Building Bar

So I have been steadily working on the new house for some time and I wanted to publish some photos of my current project - the bar. Now the bar I built in my old house was far larger but I spent much less time on it. Hoping this one will not only be functional it would also blend in well with the wood work.

This first image is of the space that we are putting the bar. It is next to stairs going up into the rest of the house. The only problem is that the bottom half is a false wall covering the entrance to the crawl space. So I had to make the bar completely removable if someone needs to get under there. (Just in case of terrorists or republicans invade)

This is what the bar looks like that I added. I has some problem with the finish on the doors so that will need to be redone but I think it looks good so far. I tried to match the pattern of the walls with the doors but we wanted it darker so it would stand out a bit.

On the inside we wanted to use as a storage space for bar stuff (like cups and shotglasses) so I put in shelves. Not bad looking figuring the entire thing can be removed in under 5 minutes.

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