Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So I just read this article from the New York Times called "Darwinism must die so that evolution may live" And it is an interesting article about how Darwin's theories of evolution are basically what the majority of people today believe what evolution is. Now I have read The Origin of Species about a year and a half ago and since it is on my 100 Greatest Books list I wrote a little blurb about it.

Ever read a textbook? Yup, that is how this reads. Granted the information is directly related to what I study, I still found this rather dull. To quote my former evolutionary biology teacher "Don't read this unless you have to." This is a science textbook that is 150 years out of date. The science is severely wrong in certain portions so I recommend that anyone reading this should have a good basis of evolutionary background so that you can understand where the science is wrong and where it is correct. The main problem I have with Darwin is that instead of doing science experiments he typically takes observations and makes large leaps to explain why they are the way they are. So not on my recommended list but an interesting read none-the-less.

Pretty much this is what the article states. The science is severely out of date. To the point where it is just wrong in many cases. Darwin's way of solving problems is also in question (by me). He looks at things (like giraffe neck lengths) and just assumes they evolved into longer necks. He does no science experiments or presents no theories, he just assumes. It is basically a religious view of science (again as I see it).

The main problem I have with Darwin is not his theories, it is how he is presented. I have seen countless scientists flaunting over him as if he created the world while he was just another step in the ladder of science. Great, he brought evolution to the forefront of society, but many others before and since have done a lot more work and should deserve the same amount, if not more, credit.

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