Thursday, February 26, 2009

Website Visits

So I finally figured out how to put a site counter on all of my webpages so now I know how many people actually visit my site ( Instead of the 1-2 every other day that I thought I was getting, I'm actually getting ~50 or more a day.

Thats Awesome.

And now I know what pages/stuff people are interested in as well. So far, it appears the vast majority of people are either interested in the BBC book list or in one of my Geological Movie reviews. Which should just push me into doing more of those. I have been wanting to do more movie reviews for a while now but I have never had the energy to do it. Not to mention it takes me about a month of solid work to complete just one movie. But now that I know people use them I may be more inclined. I am also wanting to convert the ones I have done (and will do) into an audio movie commentary that you can listen to while watching the movies. Kind of the same stuff (with maybe some new things) but in a different format.

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