Saturday, March 21, 2009

Geological Destinations - Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats

So I did some more restructuring to my webpage (Dinojimcom), but not as major this time. I changed my National Parks page into US Travels. And included a division. Now it is partially National Parks and partially Geological Destinations. For now it is mostly National Parks but as I get more Geological Destinations that will build it up. If a state has both a Geological Destination page and a National Parks page, the direct link from the map will take you to a page with a link to both of those. Check out the new Utah page for an example. Currently there is one Geological Destination in Utah that I added - The Bonneville Salt Flats. Included below are the images of the Salt Flats.

Entrance to the park

Using my GPS to find where we are

The Great Salt Lick

Literally in the middle of nowhere, from behind

Literally in the middle of nowhere, from the right side

Literally in the middle of nowhere, from the left side

And literally in the middle of nowhere, from the front

Forgot my rock hammer to get a sample so I had to use a tire iron to no success.

The great Salt Lake Metaphor Tree, I don't know.

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