Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Divide and Conquer

So I have decided to divide my blog in two. Similar to what ReBecca did with her DinoChick blog, I will be making this blog, Dino Jim's Musings, my geology based blog and my new blog, which will be entitled The Remnant of Dino Jim's Thoughts, where everything else will go, AKA the remnant. The new blog will be the location for: what is left over when you remove all of my geological thoughts and teachings. This is the place for my personal posts, my literary posts, and most importantly, my Star Wars posts. So although I don't have many readers, hopefully I will be more able to integrate my geology blog into the geologic world if I can remove the refuse from it and move it to a more appropriate home.

The Remnant so far is pretty blasé but hopefully it will be fine tuned in the coming weeks.

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