Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Something interesting...History lessons online

I was recently told about this blog post at Online college that lists 100 free history courses that you can take online. Although most do not pertain to geology or even the sciences in general there are a few that might be of some interest to the geological community.

Scientific History

These courses will help you to learn more about the emergence of modern science and technology.

71.Introduction to Environmental History: Through this course, you will learn how people have interacted with their environment in the period after Columbus. [MIT]
72.Modern Physics: From The Atom to Big Science: Learn how physics has played a role in politics and world history through this free course. [Berkeley]
73.History of Public Health: This course will help you to learn about ideas and policies in public health have changed over the years. [Johns Hopkins]
74.People and Other Animals: Gain a more thorough understanding of the interactions between man and other species through this course that examines current and past conflicts and events. [MIT]
75.Nature, Environment, and Empire: This course addresses the relationship between the study of natural history by Europeans and Americans, and concrete exploitation of the natural world at home and in colonies. [MIT]
76.Psychology History Timeline: Learn more about the evolution of the study of psychology in this course. [OpenLearn]
77.EngineeringApollo: The Moon Project as a Complex System: In this class, you’ll get a chance to learn about the historical events that led up to the successful moon landing. [MIT]
78.Environmental Conflict and Social Change: Check out this course to learn how environmental issues have impacted cultures around the world. [MIT]
79.Toward the Scientific Revolution: Here you can learn about the theories, thinkers and discoveries that preceded the scientific revolution. [MIT]

Head on over if you are interested. Links to the actual courses are at the blog.

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