Monday, April 05, 2010

Geology Through the Radio

Alright, so I have created another segment to my Geological Education website. This time Geology Through the Radio. The first exercise up for this one is America's Horse With No Name.

There are instances when you can listen to the radio and the words that come back to you can mean other things than what the artist initially intended them to. Whenever I listen to America’s Horse With No Name, I hear geological concepts being mentioned. So, that is what you are going to do here. You are going to take what is being said in the song, and use it to understand some geological concepts.

1. What are the environments mentioned in the song?

2. What types of conditions does the song use to define these environments?

3. Does this match what is geologically used to define the environments?

4. What did he find on the 3rd day? And do you think you could see this feature in the desert? Find a picture of one if you think one exists.

5. What is the geological term for the change in environment described in the song (“desert had turned to the sea”)

6. What are the two (tectonic) possibilities to explain how this could happen?

7. The song states that “after 9 days…the desert had turned to the sea”. Assuming a really fast time period for this to happen is 100,000 yrs. How much faster is this event that America described?

8. “The ocean is a desert with its life underground”. Now assuming he meant underwater, do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?

9. Bonus Question: Why does the horse have no name?

You can see the rest of the Geology Through the Radio postings on my website.

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