Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Geology of the National Parks Through Pictures - Arches

My next post about the Geology of the National Parks Through Pictures is a fairly local park and a revisited park. You can see part one HERE.

You can find more Geology of the National Parks Through Pictures as well as my Geological State Symbols Across America series at my website


The main entrance.

 View across park of the park that is close to the main drive in.

 Some balancing rocks.

 More balancing rocks.

 Myself, my wife, and daughter in front of some rocks.

 Directly in the middle of the photograph was one of the premier arches in the park but it was too much of a hike to get there so we took photos from across the little canyon.

 Another of the arches in the park.

View of me in front of a double arch.

Mental note: Next time I go I need to get more pictures of the actual arches.


  1. Rocks? You have Moab Fault, differential weathering, Entrada Formation, anticline, Dewey Bridge Member, salt dome, Jurassic, laccolith, etc. to work with and we get "rocks"?


  2. I like to think of it more as pretty pictures of rocks.

  3. For intensive geology tours of Moab's surroundings seek Canyonlands Field Institute 800-860-5262 | 435-259-7750; Plateau Restoration/Moab Geo Tours
    866-202-1847 | 435-259-7733


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