Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Geology of the National Parks in Pictures - Yellowstone

The next up on my tour of the National Parks in pictures:

View of my father back in 1997 and me in 2010 during an Old Faithful eruption.

Along the geyser hike looking back towards Old Faithful along Firehole River.

Rainbow with eruption. I'm pretty sure this is Old Faithful erupting but there was another nearby geyser erupting about the same time, so I am not positive.

Lovely algae cover on the water.

Some more hot springs.

My wife and recently born child doing the geyser hike near old faithful.

Stopped to take a geology geek picture of the Continental Divide. However, I think the water ended up going in the same direction, so I think the sign is a bit off.

Panorama of Yellowstone Lake with some hot springs in the front.

Another view of Yellowstone Lake with the wife in the middle.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Some formations near the Mammoth Hot Springs section of the park.

More formations near Mammoth Hot Springs.

 A buffalo was blocking traffic so I wanted to put together a slide show of him walking passed the car.

You can see the rest of the National Park Pictures at my website.

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