Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Geology of the National Parks in Pictures - Rocky Mountain NP

The next up on my tour of the geology of the National Parks in pictures is:

For our travels through Rocky Mountain NP, I have a lot of scenery photos, but not much in the way of strictly geological photos. It was mostly a scenic drive through the park. Also it has been a while since I was actually there so my remembrance of the features may be a bit hazy.

Obligatory entrance sign

Panorama of some mountains. 

Ok, I really don't remember what this was for. But it's rocks.

 View from the visitors center.


 More mountains

 I believe this is the same valley you can see from the visitors center.

 Yay, some geology. This is a cirque.

 Another cirque

 Some cirques, glaciers, tarns, and probably an arĂȘte (or a few).

 An edge of a cirque

 A paternoster lake, perhaps?

 Gotta love the continental divide.

 And of course, more mountains.

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